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Co-Managed IT

Empower Your Organization with Co-Managed IT Solutions.

Co-managed IT services is a model in which an organization’s internal IT team collaborates with an external MSP provider to assist with some or all of their IT operations.

Unlike traditional managed services, where all your IT needs are handled by a third party MSP, co-managed IT offers a distributed solution of tasks and responsibilities that can be customized accordingly. 

While many businesses have an in-house IT team, there are certain situations where more expertise and help is required. The co-managed model provides additional support in specific areas of need, whether you need assistance handling a new IT project or your internal team needs a fresh set of eyes to help tackle a task. 


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Benefits of Co-Managed IT:

Cost Savings

With co-managed IT services there is no need to hire additional full time tech staff with benefits, instead bring on professional technology managers who can tackle specific tasks on an as need basis. You pay for the services you need. Not to mention the improvement in efficiency and performance to ultimately boost your bottom line.


Co-managed IT allows you to maintain control over operations and the big picture goals for your business. At CTS, we ensure alignment with your culture, objectives, and assigned responsibilities so all tasks run smoothly according to plan. 

Additional Expertise

In the ever-evolving technology landscape, your business needs to be up to date on any and all recent technology advancements to give you an edge. With co-managed services you have access to a team of outside professionals who are IT obsessed gurus who keep up with the latest IT trends to help you remain ahead of competition.

Technology Solutions

Customized solutions to meet your specific business demands that can be adjusted on the fly as your company evolves. Need another set of eyes monitoring your network? How about immediate help addressing a security issues? Our co-managed IT have you covered. With the ability to add, subtract, or modify services with ease.


The combination of in-house IT and a third party MSP allows your internal team to focus on specific tasks they do best without getting bogged down by issues that a co-managed IT support team can deal with. Whether it be troubleshooting, around the clock monitoring or anything in between.

Improved Employee Morale

Nothing hurts productivity and morale more than IT related issues. With co-managed services your employees have access to outside experts who stay up to date with the latest tech developments making sure everything stays firing on all cylinders. Moreover, morale is greater when employees are given the added support and resources they need for optimal success.

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Business Industries
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Co-managed IT services give healthcare facilities and businesses the flexibility they need to remain compliant & efficient. Protection for sensitive healthcare information, an around the clock help desk in case of an outage and more!
Schools and educational facilities are prime candidates for co-managed it. While some have an in-house support team, a third party MSP will give the boost needed for better security and improved operations.
Manufacturing facilities often have complex technology infrastructures with multiple locations and detailed software. Which is why co-managed IT can help streamline tasks and optimize operations
Business & Finance
Business & Finance
Financial firms must maintain strict security and compliance standards. Co-managed IT providers help provide these industries a roadmap to stay above board and adhere to the necessary regulations.
Security & Monitoring

In today's digital world, protecting valuable data is more crucial than ever. Which is why businesses in all industries are turning to co-managed IT with an established MSP that specializes in security and around the clock monitoring. Our dedicated team knows what it takes to protect your business assets. We can also handle employee security awareness training for your internal team, implementing measures such as email security, browsing habits and other security related issues. 

Project Management

If your internal IT team is being bombarded with new projects and are stretched thin, you can rely on co-managed IT for A-Z project management. Assessment, planning, execution and support.  Not to mention, our team brings additional knowledge and a fresh set of eyes to help plan, implement and manage projects as needed. This allows your internal team to focus on their technical expertise while we handle timelines, lines of communication and any issues that may arise. 

Help Desk

The around the clock support provided by a MSP is often unmatched and can troubleshoot quickly and effectively. Instead of having your internal team provide 24/7 support, utilize the services of  a third party support team. Our after hours support system, allows  the internal IT team to focus on strategic initiatives or have work-life balance.

Daily Tasks

If your internal IT team is small or overworked, you can bring in an outside MSP to handle daily tasks while you in-house stays focused on what they do best. Anything from software updates, cloud management, server maintenance and more! In addition, we can handle vendor management with software providers, hardware vendors and more to ensure proper solutions for your IT needs. 

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