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Simplify your Wireless Network Solutions.

Our CTS engineers excel in wireless services and deployments. We can assist with any level of project including site surveys, troubleshooting, implementation and complete design of your infrastructure.

Our mission is to maximize profits with smart secure wireless network solutions, minimize downtime, and boost security & performance. 

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Wireless Network Solutions
Identify Needs
Whether you need a complete design or want to optimize and improve your current wireless setup, we can help! We begin by gathering information on your infrastructure and resources with a site survey and review of your goals.
Test the Solution
Next, we make sure all aspects are firing smoothly on all cylinders! Troubleshooting and testing everything from bandwidth speed to power usage levels and more.
Develop A Plan
The plan may include the layout for access points, hardware & software, optimized deployment locations, configuration of network settings with security features and more. We will also provide a rough timeline for completion.
Train & Support
We want you and your team to feel 100% confident using and adjusting to the new wireless solutions. Therefore, we will train you and your staff on using new systems.
Implement Solution
Once the plan has been developed, we will begin installing and configuring the network and design. Ensuring seamless integration according to your current and long-term needs.
Monitor & Maintain
Our work never stops as we provide maintenance & friendly support to make sure everything operates at a high level to meet your business demands.
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We Offer a Wide
Variety of Wireless Network Services


We provide wireless security solutions such as encryption to protect data and firewalls to block unauthorized use. In addition, VPNs and network segmentation for additional safety. Also, access control and security monitoring. The security protections your business needs!

Hotspots, WIFI & VOIP

CTS can set up hotspots for quick and easy internet access as well as fast-acting & reliability WIFI solutions. In addition, VOIP Telecom services for improved communication.

Quality of Service

Always ahead of the curve, using analytics and real data to measure the overall performance & reliability of your wireless services. Ensuring speed, functionality, proper allocation of resources and more!

RF Optimization

With RF optimization, we will focus on signal strength, coverage area, power levels, frequency usage and more. Making sure all wireless signals are supported to boost performance while reducing interference.

Indoor/Outdoor Solutions

We build and manage both indoor & outdoor wireless needs. Providing you the reliability, efficiency, and security your business needs. Analyzing interference, weather effects, access points, etc...

Network Redundancy

Network redundancy measures to make sure system networks are reliable and available at all times. Minimizing downtime and the effects of power outages.

Improve and Innovate with Wireless Services

Our team can assist you in transforming your business through latest wireless options and advances. 

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    Industries We Serve:

    Distribution and Manufacturing
    Distribution and Manufacturing
    Wireless network solutions help improve communication and collaboration among large scale facilities. Also, the analytics component to improve operational tasks such as inventory management with real time tracking.
    Hospitality businesses rely on wireless solutions to enhance employee productivity and communication. It also improves guest experience with fast-acting wifi, online ordering and more.
    Government utilizes wireless services for security features such as access control and cybersecurity. Also, wireless services give citizens access to information and resources online or via apps.
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